Welcome all runners, running enthusiasts, and tourists to join the journey to discover the beautiful and well-off Tay Ninh land through Ba Den Mountain Marathon 2021. Tay Ninh is not only famous for its pristine and majestic natural scenery, which is also known as "Holy Land" - the birthplace of many unique beliefs and religions that cannot be found anywhere else. Taking Ba Den mountain - "The roof of the Southern house" as the starting point as well as the destination, runners will have the opportunity to enjoy the majestic, wild mountain scenery, immerse in the peaceful scenery in the sun and wind. of Tay Ninh city when running from the suburbs to the center and back to the foot of the mountain. On the 42km distance, stories that shake people's hearts will be written by the persistent will and desire to conquer outstanding dreams.


Ba Den Mountain Marathon 2021 is meant for a humanitarian message that conveys the zeitgeist of our modern times: “Green Steps”. In the development of green, naturally friendly and sustainable tourism is the underlying trend that defines recent moves in the global tourist industry. This also dictates the orientation towards sustainability and efficiency for domestic tourism in general and that of Tay Ninh in particular. Tourism is meant for not just protection, but also restoration of the surrounding landscape, promotions of destinations and establishment of “green – clean – nice” tourist branding

“Green Steps” is well beyond a mere message, but a clarion call for everyone to lend a hand in preserving and protecting the nature and environment through these three specific moves as follows: No littering; Growing trees; and Travelling responsibly. In particular, for every athlete in this marathon, Ba Den Mountain Marathon 2021 will on your behalf donate to a schoolyard tree planting foundation for Tay Ninh Province which aims for shady and leafy schoolyards for every child. We do hope that the marathon will truly inspire a new, more established green lifestyle and support for domestic tourism in Tay Ninh. Let “green steps” go on and on to inspire our community as a whole to embrace sports, travelling and life in general.