The distance is for runners who start training and jogging

There are memorable milestones in everyone's life, and 10 kilometers is one of the milestones for you

Half-marathon will be a big challenge for runners to cross and head for professional distance

As a runner, you need to conquer a full marathon once in your life, don't let this opportunity pass.



  • All runners must pick up Race kit that includes BIB - race mark number, chip timing, and other items that support you on the race. Detailed information about time, place and items to be received are posted on the official website of the event.
  • Participants must provide photo identification and an email with QR code (or an assigned bib number) in image or hard copy when picking up the race-kit to verify the participant and corresponding BIB .
  • Provide authorization letter pre-signed by the authorizer (if authorized).
  • The participant has a responsibility to ensure that the chip timing attached to the BIB number is worn properly during the race.
  • Participants will not be able to receive the race-kit after the time regulated. The organizers will not handle cases of coming to receive race-kit after a limited time and are not responsible for any loss, damage caused by athletes in any way. To ensure fairness, the organizers will not extend the race-kit distribution time or ensure all participants pickup race-kit. Items not received during the above time will be handled by the organizer.