• Participants must be able to complete the track within the fixed time for the following:

    Distances 42km:

    + 4 AM: Start

    + 12 PM: Cut-off time at the Finish line

    Distances 21km:

    + 4.30 AM: Start

    + 8.30 AM: Cut-off time at the Finish line

    Distances 10km:

    + 6 AM: Start

    + 8.30 AM: Cut-off time at the Finish line

    Distances 5km:

    + 7.15 AM: Start

    + 8.30 AM: Cut-off time at the Finish line

  • Note: There will be changes or adjustments to the “cut off” points (fixed locations on the track where the athlete must pass a certain time) at some stages of the race. Details will be announced close to the match day. For safety reasons and avoiding congestion at intersections, runners must strictly follow the instructions of the Organizing Committee, any violation will be forfeited immediately.
  • Participants must meet the age requirements corresponding to the registration distances:

    + All 42km runners must be 18 years of age or older by 2021.

    + All 21km runners must be 16 years of age or older by 2021.

    + All runners (runners) participating under the age of 18 as of 2021 must be certified by their sponsor or parent. The sponsor or parent must sign a disclaimer prior to the race. The organizers reserve the right to deny the competition rights to runners who have not completed a confirmation form signed by their sponsor or parent.

  • Each participant must sign a waiver before joining the race, which is part of the registration process.
  • Tickets and attached items are not refundable in any case.
  • BIB is reserved for each runner and cannot be changed, transferred or sold to others.
  • The purchasing and / or transferring of ticket or BIB without confirmation of the organization committee is strictly prohibited. All results will not be recognized if the runner is found running with wrong registered name, bib or personal information.
  • Cancellation, Transfer, and Change

    + After completing the registration, registration fee will not be refunded if the runner is unable to attend the "BA DEN MOUNTAIN MARATHON 2021" event for any reason.

    + Participants can change distances and / or transfer to others. Runners should send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. before April 11, 2021.

    + We offer 100% the transfer/changing fee for participants till the end of April 15, 2020 (for runners registered before March 14, 2020), after this time, the changing fee will be collected accordingly.

  • All runners must receive Race Kit including BIB - identification number, timing device, and other equipment from The Organization Committee. Details of the time, place and items are posted on the official website of the event. In case an athlete cannot come to pick up the Race Kit directly, they can ask another person to go to get the race kit (please check the official website of the event for detailed instructions).
  • Participants must provide an ID card (or similar documents) and confirmation email with QR code or a series number for bib assignment (either in electronic format, or hard copy) when receiving the race-kit to authenticate their registration and obtain the corresponding BIB number.
  • Provide the signed authorization letter (if picking up race kit on other person’s behalf)
  • Participants are responsible for ensuring the timing device is attached to the bib number worn correctly during the race.
  • Runners will not receive any race-kit after the specified time. The Organization Committee does not deal with cases of receiving race-kit after the specified time and is not responsible for any damage or loss caused by the athlete in any way. To ensure fairness, The Organization Committee will not extend the race-kit distribution time or ensure all runners will receive race-kit. Items not received during this time will be handled by The Organization Committee.
  • Runners must follow the directions from the Organization Committee, including race staff, volunteers, health care staff, and security forces during the event.
  • During the event, all runners need to behave professionally and politely. For example: only go to the toilet at the prescribed place, do not litter on the track, do not take anything that doesn’t belong to you, etc. Anyone who violates this code of conduct will be expelled from the event and forced to leave the race immediately.
  • Runners must wear the BIB in front. Runners without BIB will be taken off the track by security force or race supervisors.
  • Pets, bicycles, skates, trolleys, roller fitting shoes or other wheeled items are not allowed to be used or carried on the track except for official vehicles or ambulances from the Organization Committee
  • The organizers have the right to use images, videos, or other forms of recording (including recording images of runners at the event) for the purpose of promoting the event (including in subsequent years). Participants have agreed to confirm this clause in the waiver.
  • The organizers have the right to restrict or deny anyone participating in this event.
  • The organizer reserves the right to postpone, change, or cancel the event especially when the condition is deemed to be unsafe for participants. In case the event is postponed, changed, or canceled due to inevitable cause (including but not limited to wind, rain, hail, storm, hurricane, earthquakes, etc.), terrorism activities, fires, threaten or attack, accidents, flood, unavoidable damage, or any other causes out of the organizer’s control, RUNNER WILL NOT BE REFUNDED REGISTRATION FEE OR ANY OTHER RELATED FEE.
  • The organizers will not be liable for any disputes arising from a participants' incorrect registration information.
  • All runners are responsible for knowing the start time of the race and their own start time. All runners must be on time to get all needed instructions and participate in the race. runners who appear at the starting line after 05 minutes from the start time announced by the Organizing Committee will be considered not participating in the race (DNS - Did not start) and will not be allowed to run at any distance any other tournament on the day of the competition.
  • All runners must stand behind the Start line before starting any corresponding Distance and only allow it to start when there is an official signal from the BTC. runners who deliberately start before the BTC signal can be disqualified (DQ - Disqualified) immediately.
  • Any participant who does not follow the guidance of a race event officer or referee, or displays non-sportsmanlike behavior, takes offensive actions or statements toward an event officer, volunteer, other runners or spectators, may be disqualified or even banned from future events at the discretion of the race manager.
  • After leaving the track, participants will not be allowed to return to the track for the purpose of going to a spot on the track or supporting other runners.
  • Any participant who is discovered by a race judge, event worker or supervisor to have cheated in any way will be disqualified from the event.
  • Participants that get any support from anyone run the risk of being excluded from the event. "Support" includes providing information or assistance directly or indirectly to runners in any way, including communication equipment.
  • Any person participating in the event without the event's official BIB or using a timing chip other than their own, will be disqualified from this and future events.
  • The BIB is the property of the organization committee. The organization committee can take back the BIB in case runner has not completed the race at the cut off time but still wants to continue, or violates the rules of the race.
  • Medical support during the event by the event health care staff is not considered as “illegal support” and the results will remain valid if the participant can continue their performance.
  • Participants are responsible for learning about instructions and signs related to maps, locations, checkpoints, medical stations and directions.
  • Medical staff appointed by the Organization Committee can check any runner who shows signs of weakness. In case the event health care staff decides that the runner should not continue the race, the Organizer has the right to ask the runner to leave the race route immediately.
  • Participants must stop running if requested by race staff, volunteers, health care staff, or security forces (including firefighters and police officers) during the event.
  • Participants are responsible and obliged to pay for all and any medical fees incurred due to training and / or event participation, including ambulance vehicles, hospital stays, doctors, pharmaceuticals and services.
  • Event organizers have the right to postpone, cancel or reschedule the race in case of extreme weather conditions.
  • runners need to contact the emergency number on the BIB if they face problems on the route and need to get back to the nearest water station for assistance in case they want to stop running. The Organization Committee does not guarantee complete support for runners who are not at water stations and Expo area.
  • All runners will be given a time-measuring device (chip) before the event, which is attached to the BIB
  • runners must wear bibs with chips only from the Organization Committee, from the starting line to the finish line for accurate results. The timing device is attached to bib numbers.
  • runners will not be recognized as Finishers if their completion time exceeds the cutoff time.
  • runners found to wear more than 1 chip during the competition period will be disqualified, and their results will not be recognized.
  • Runners who get missed on the track or who have unusual time information at the timing check-point will be monitored and may be disqualified.
  • All achievements will be reviewed carefully before official announcement. runners can check unofficial results according to the guidelines of the Organization Committee.
  • runners are required to start no later than 5 minutes after the official Start time. After this time limit, runners will not be allowed to start and the Organization Committee will record the DNS results (Did not Start) for those runners.
  • If any runner violates any condition of the PRINCIPLES OF PARTICIPATION IN THE RACE, their results will not be recognized.
  • The temporary ranking card given to the runners at the finish line is only intended to determine the top rankings that end the actual run. Then the organizers and the referee team will compare the necessary information with the camera at the finish line to be able to synthesize the most accurate final results before announcing at the awards ceremony.
  • Official results and awards will be reviewed and officially announced before awarding.
  • The organizers have the right to change the winner if all factors show that the athlete is qualified to win.
  • All prizes shall not be received after the event
  • The prize must be granted according to the regulations of the Organizing Committee. The prize is not transferable or convertible to cash. runners receive prizes in according with the rules and regulations as well as the terms and conditions of the Organizer.
  • All complaints against winners or results must be made during the event.
  • Runners are solely responsible for paying any taxes related to receiving prizes.
  • The Organization Committee will not be responsible for the loss or damage of personal items in the Bag drop area. The Organizer reserves the right to inspect bags and personal belongings stored in Bag drop area for safety reasons.
  • The Organization Committee does not take high-value items such as wallets, phones, laptops, etc. in the bag drop area, and runners need to commit that there are no high-value items or banned substances in the bag before leaving it at the Bag drop area.
  • Any individual who disagrees with any clause of the above provisions must submit a request 10 days before the event starts and must state the reason for the request, then receive an exception handling response from The Organization Committee.
  • The Organization Committee have the right to change, supplement, or abolish all or part of the event rules based on the actual situation.
  • Participants will be bound by regulatory changes or additions prior to the event.
  • Failure to comply with the rules of the event, including changes, will result in cancellation of performance results and prizes.


1 Destroying the landscape Exclude from the event
2 Dispose of trash outside the allowed area Penalty 5 minutes and disqualified for repeated violations
3 Take a shortcut or run the wrong way Exclude from the event
4 Do not wear a shirt during the race Penalty 5 minutes and exclude from the event if not overcome immediately
5 Receive help from other parties who are not the organizer’s members (the organizer’s members, referees, the organizer’s collaborators and other athletes) Exclude from the event
6 Obstructing an ambulance or medical staff on duty Exclude from the event
7 Use of stimulants or banned substances Exclude from the event
8 Failure to comply with the medical staff's decision when it is not healthy to continue playing Exclude from the event
9 Disrespect, endanger, lack of standard attitude towards other athletes, referees, spectators, traffic regulators and organizers and bystanders Exclude from the event
10 Do not carry correct or more than 01 BIB Exclude from the event



  • 2 first prizes (male & female) 10,000,000 vnđ
  • 2 second prizes (male & female) 6,000,000 vnđ
  • 2 third prizes (male & female) 4,000,000 vnđ
  • 2 first prizes (male & female) 7,000,000 vnđ
  • 2 second prizes (male & female) 5,000,000 vnđ
  • 2 third prizes (male & female) 3,000,000 vnđ
  • 2 first prizes (male & female) 5,000,000 vnđ
  • 2 second prizes (male & female) 3,000,000 vnđ
  • 2 first prizes (male & female) 2,000,000 vnđ
  • 1 first prizes (male / female) 2,000,000 vnđ
  • 1 second prizes (male / female) 1,500,000 vnđ
  • 1 third prizes (male / female) 1,000,000 vnđ


  • Over 45 years (male) 1,500,000 vnđ
  • Over 45 years (female) 1,500,000 vnđ
  • Over 45 years (male) 1,300,000 vnđ
  • Over 45 years (female) 1,300,000 vnđ



  • 2 first prizes (male & female) 01 Voucher 2 days 1 night at the 2 bedroom villa for 4 adults at Premier Village Ha Long Bay Resort (breakfast included).
    01 Public Onsen mineral bath and 1 hour Thai massage voucher at Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh
  • 2 first prizes (male & female) 01 Voucher 2 days 1 night for the Washitsu Ichi room and mineral bath at Yoko Onsen Quang Hanh (breakfast included).


  • Over 45 years (2 awards for male & female) 01 Voucher 3 days 2 nights for Standard / Twin room at Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Bay.
  • Over 45 years (2 awards for male & female) 01 Voucher 3 days 2 nights for Standard / Twin room at Premier Residences Phu Quoc Emerald Bay.